Declicright, like a label, a Brand !

Visibility is at the heart of the desires of all street artists. Noticing the visual saturation created by the quantity of protagonists and the profusion of messages, Déclic decided to create his own brand, the initial “D” of Déclic in a circle, as a culmination of his approach to graffiti. With its D in a circle, Déclic echoes the visual codes of street art, where effective signage goes hand in hand with visibility. Like the famous © Copyright, this label signs all his works and is sometimes even at the heart of the subject like a symbol or an identifying monogram. Like the big luxury brands, Déclic is taking the concept of the signature (the tag) to its extreme by turning it into a brand, thus bringing the origins of graffiti full circle, “recuperated in recent years by a world of communication and advertising” with the current era in which we are all submerged by messages.