1984 to 1986

Poitiers School of Fine Arts.
Discovery of all the techniques of pictorial expression.
Outside the Beaux-Arts, he discovered the spray can as a new means of expression and as a direct, rapid instrument, the immediacy of the gesture.
At the time, the traditional art world was reluctant to embrace these new modes of expression and gave them a very cautious, even distrustful, welcome.

First mural painting at night using mixed techniques (brushes and spray cans) with the first PALAPI group, which started to rampage through Poitiers with several wild walls in the city centre.

1986 to 1990

3rd, 4th and 5th years at the Beaux-Arts de Toulouse.


Meet the Toulouse Hip Hop scene. Huge Big Up to Jumbo, Look H, Jazzy Pop, the Fabulous Trobadors and the rest.
At the time, there was virtually nothing in Toulouse as far as graffiti was concerned.

The birth of Déclic, the first tags, the first “Throw UP”, the first graffiti that quickly invaded the walls of Toulouse.

It's the first "Déclic"


Creation of the T.A.A collective (Tuluz Art Angels or Tueurs Alphabétiques Associés), Toulouse’s first graffiti group, made up of Déclic, 2 Pon, Fabi and Mumbly.

1987, 1988, 1989, 1990

He creates numerous frescoes at night, or on wastelands (such as the Arnaud-Bernard site), then takes on a series of official commissions, running graffiti discovery courses in neighbourhoods such as Le Mirail, decorating shops, metal curtains, official walls, etc… Déclic became the subject of various articles and TV programmes, and graffiti began to be democratised.

1990 to 2004

Numerous orders in France for enterprise, brands or institutions on walls, tarpaulins or trains. Participated in several group exhibitions.

Since 2004

Creation and management of a communications and website design agency that works with numerous brands and products.
A lifelong enthusiast of contemporary art, he has taken a keen interest in the work of Soulages, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Yves Klein, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Pierre Alechinsky, Richard Serra and Takashi Murakami, all of whom are a great source of creative inspiration for him. Alongside references from graffiti artists such as Dondi, Seen, Futura 2000, Bando, Mode 2, Lokiss, … He continues to develop his creative work and research into urban art, graphic design and contemporary art.

2020, new "Déclic"

A desire to share his work and the research he’s been undertaking for over 15 years has prompted Déclic to speak out again, with a view to demonstrating the fine line between graffiti culture, urban art, signs, the quest for visibility and contemporary art. His work goes back to the origins of graffiti, the quest for visibility through the signature (the “tag”) and the antinomic notion of the overabundance of identity and visual saturation that make these personal quests for existence illegible. This is why he has pushed the boundaries of the exercise to the point of creating an identity mark, the “D” in a circle, the first letter of his name, like a brand, a label that he has christened Decliright, a signature taken to the extreme. (see more).